[Profit] Betting skills that are infinitely close to winning (Basics)

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[Profit] Betting skills that are infinitely close to winning (Basics)

Source: Expert だいち 飒い こうだい

Using probability, the method of capital control is used to infinitely approach the winning betting technique. This technique was developed by my friends and my friends after summing up their respective experiences in different fields. The operation is complicated and the thinking is cumbersome. It requires a certain amount of effort to learn. After all, there is no free lunch. If you can see it clearly and can give up your impetuous heart to use it, you can feel its charm, which may not make you soar, but it is very likely to bring you a long-term benefit.

Due to the variability of the actual situation, we try to use examples to illustrate this method, then we start, please read carefully.

In order to reflect this betting method to everyone more simply, let's make the numbers simple, assuming that the Asian handicap of a game is 0.5, the upper hand is 0.96, and the lower hand is also 0.96, so the result is either right or wrong. The unit of each bet is 100 (100 is only for the convenience of calculation, not the actual amount). In terms of probability, in theory, the probability of every 10 bets is half right or wrong, that is, 5 correct and 5 wrong. In actual operation, there will be a large probability of deviation in each cycle, but as the number of times increases, the greater the deviation will be Getting smaller and smaller.

What we have to do is to use the principle that actual probability eventually approaches theoretical probability to regulate funds (please keep in mind the central idea).

Taking every 10 times as a betting unit, if every betting unit is 100 in the first unit of 1-10 times, and only 3 hits, our net profit in the first unit is 100×1.96×3-1000 = -412, then in the next unit, using our central idea, the ideal situation in the second unit is 7 in 10. At this time, the ideal interest rate is 1.96×7-10=3.72, then we will increase the betting unit to 120 (You may wish to think about how to calculate this unit first). When the ideal situation occurs, the net profit of the second unit is 120×1.96×7-1200=446.4, and the combined net profit of the two units is 446.4-412=34.4. When the net profit situation reaches a positive number, it means that there is actual profit, and the profit situation is subject to the basic unit. (It is recommended to read this paragraph twice!)

It looks very happy, but the problem is coming. What if the ideal situation does not appear the second time? Don’t worry, we continue to use the third unit to remedy. For example, if the second unit is only hit 4 times, then the synthesis of the first and second units is 7 in 20 and the deviation is 3 (should be 10 in 20), then in the third unit In order to approach the deviation, the ideal situation that should appear in the third unit is 8 in 10. The ideal interest rate at this time is 1.96×8-10=5.68. At this time, the profit of the first two units is -412 and 120×1.96×4-1200=-259.2, which is combined to -671.2. We will adjust the basic betting unit of the third unit to 118 (I believe you already know how Calculated: -671.2÷5.68 can figure out how many units can keep the principal) can remain without losing money, but in order to make a profit, we adjust it to 130 (adjusted according to personal circumstances). If the ideal situation occurs at this time, then 130×1.96×8-1300=738.4. If the ideal situation does not appear, we will continue to bet on the fourth unit until the deviation is less than 3% or the net profit is positive through regulation. (It is recommended to read it 3 times!)

The advantage of this method is that it can avoid the winter of continuous errors, and the investment amount will not increase sharply, ensuring its continuity, and then use the increase or decrease to counteract the difference in actual operation.

Many people will ask if there is a half-win, half-loss or PUSH in actual operation? Of course, PUSH can be counted as no betting, and the record of winning half and losing half is regarded as right 0.5 or wrong 0.5, which does not hinder our calculation.

Do you understand? If you don’t understand, please read it several times. Still the same sentence, one point of hard work earns one point. Although this method is complicated, the risk factor is extremely low. If mastered and used reasonably, it can be almost infinitely close to winning. So what principle is used? Should it be better to operate in a changing situation? Later, we will continue to discuss how to deal with various actual situations in the advanced chapter, but whether you want to learn further changes or make improvements yourself, you must first lay a solid foundation and understand the methods.