Great changes in the European war! The 12 major clubs in Europe announced the creation of the European Super League!

2021-04-19 10:50:26 1143

The 12 major European clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham announced the official creation of the European Premier League!

The 12 largest clubs in Europe announced today that they have reached an agreement to create a new league, the European Super League.

Real Madrid chairman Florentino served as the first chairman of the Premier League, and Glazer (Manchester United) and Agnelli (Juventus) served as vice-chairmen.

The statement is as follows

In addition to the 12 founding clubs, three clubs will be invited to join as the founding teams before the start of the first Super League. This process will be completed as soon as possible.

The founding club hopes to start a dialogue with UEFA and FIFA to find the best solution for the Super League and the entire football world.

The new crown epidemic has exacerbated the instability of the current European football economic model, which prompted the creation of new leagues. For many years, the founding club has been committed to improving the quality and intensity of today's European football games, especially hoping to create an event that allows the best clubs and players to play more frequently.

This epidemic shows that there must be a strategic vision and the use of commercial means to create value and benefit the pyramid of the entire football world. The founding club believes that the solution proposed by the regulatory agency cannot solve the fundamental problem, that is, providing high-quality games and gaining more wealth for the entire football world.

The format is as follows

A total of 20 clubs participated, including 15 founding clubs and five other teams, which were determined based on the performance of the previous season.

All matches are played in the middle of the week, and all clubs participating in the Super League continue to participate in their home league.

The new season starts in August, and the club is divided into two groups, each with 10 teams, for two rounds of competition. The top three in each group enter the quarter-finals, the fourth and fifth players will decide the other two quarter-finals through the play-offs, followed by two rounds of knockouts. The final is a single round system and will be held in the neutral position at the end of May.

After the Men's Super League starts, the Women's Super League will be launched as soon as possible, which will also contribute to the development and progress of women's football.

UEFA, FIFA's response

UEFA statement: If participating in the UEFA Super League, the team and players will be banned