How Do Odds Work in Betting?

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Experts teach you how to use multiple companies with the same lowest initial odds, high probability of hitting the event

This article explains how to use the same minimum initial odds of multiple companies to hit the match result. To use this rule of odds, we must first understand a truth: Our competitors for buying football matches are not the major bookmakers but other bettors. What we win is not the banker’s money, but the other bettors’ money. The odds issued by the bookmaker combined with the adjustment of the betting volume ensure that no matter what the result of the game is played, you can make a steady profit without losing. Even if a calculation is wrong, it will be supplemented by other games.

My analysis method is to look at where the major institutions point the public, look at what the handicap is preventing, and finally do not follow the public, and then combine the fundamentals and other circumstances to place a comprehensive bet. This is the idea I recommend!

In the long-term recommendation, I also summed up some exclusive odds analysis techniques to judge the real predictions of the major agencies for a certain game and what they are preventing. Today I’m going to share with you a top secret and exclusive one trick to determine the winner: when multiple odds agencies offer the same lowest initial odds, the probability of hitting is extremely high. The key point: multiple agencies, the same lowest initial pay The rate and odds are the same but the return rate is quite different.

First look at a French second:

2019/2020 French Second Regular Season Round 8

French Second Division Auxerre VS Troyes

The fundamentals of this game are that Auxerre has 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses this season, 2 wins and 1 draw at home, strong at home; Troyes 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, 2 wins and 1 draw away, stable away;

Both teams are in good condition, combined with the odds of the main win 2.14, draw 2.80, and away win 3.00, the odds of a draw are low, most of the Asian handicap is 0.25 mid to high water, the home team has a strong handicap, combined The fundamentals give people the feeling that the two sides are equally equal, and the draw may be extremely large. In the end, the draw payout has been dropping to 2.6, giving the impression that the payout is being reduced, and the probability of a draw is extremely high.

I am extremely keen on a draw. Why am I not moved when so much information points to a draw? Because according to my own recommendation experience for many years, the odds of this game are exactly in line with the rules of my ending this time. Look carefully:

When I analyzed the odds of all bookmakers in this game, I found that as many as 9 bookmakers’ initial odds [2] in the initial odds were the same, but the return rates of each agency were quite different. , From 0.83 to 0.91, why these high return rate institutions give the [2] odds so low, it is the same as the [2] odds given by institutions with a return rate as low as 0.83. I judge that these institutions must be extremely guarded against the results of [2].

It can be concluded that multiple agencies have a high probability of hitting the result when the same minimum initial odds are given to a game at the same time. Therefore, I recommended [2] for this game, and the result also happened to be Auxerre VS Troyes 1-2, successfully hit.

Let's look at another Serie A:

2019/2020 Serie A Regular Season Round 6

Parma VS Turin

This game is the early stage of Serie A, Parma played in the early stage, with one win and two losses at home, and Torino one win and one loss away. Combining historical battles, it can be seen that Turin has a shallow handicap and is not easy to win, but Turin was unbeaten at the away game last season. The rate is particularly high and there are many draws. The final analysis result of this game may be that Turin is unbeaten and tends to draw.

However, according to our odds rules, we will find that as many as 5 companies have offered the same lowest initial odds, and the return rate is 0.84 and 0.97, so we can boldly start with the main win and make a hit.

Based on my many years of recommendation experience:

One is that this method is suitable for most mainstream events. When checking, the odds of winning and losing can be arranged in order, but there are not many chances of encountering such a game.

The second is that the odds are between 2.0 and 3.0 for wins, draws and losses, and the chances of hits in games where the return rate is between 0.8 and 1.0 are high.

The third is that when more than 8 institutions offer the same lowest initial odds, the hit rate is extremely high.

Odds analysis can greatly improve the probability of hits. I hope you can make a profit through this article. The method is for reference only. Please bet rationally.

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