How to Make a Correct Score Bet?

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While sports betting can certainly be profitable, it may take bettors awhile to build their bankroll. Traditional bets like betting against the spread or on totals produce profits that are less than one’s original wager. Therefore, betting two spreads at the same odds, and going 1-1 will result in a losing day money-wise overall.

It’s hard to find many single-game wagers that pay out odds of better than 2:1 or 3:1. However, there is one type of bet that has a “lottery ticket” type of feel: a correct score bet.

What is a Correct Score Bet?

A correct score bet is a wager that predicts the exact final score of a game. If your correct score prediction does not match exactly to the final score of the game, you lose. Given how difficult it is to predict the exact score of a game, odds for a correct score bet can often be found at 10:1 or better.

Since goals are usually at a premium in soccer matches, you will notice that the smallest odds are the scores with the least amount of goals. However, there are some offerings that would pay out more than 300 times one’s original wager!

Another thing to take note of is the “any other score” option. As you can see from the table, the final score options end with each side winning 6-0. What if Russia were to score seven goals, or win by a score of 6-1? Placing a wager on the “any other score” option would take into account these scenarios. An “any other score” bet would cash if the final score of the match was one that was not already listed in the table.

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