What is a Three-Way Bet?

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What Is a Three-Way Bet?

A three-way bet is a wager on something that has three different outcomes. The reason why three-way bets are so common in soccer is because soccer matches can and often do end in ties. Here is an example of how a three-way bet works:

Chelsea -1.25
Draw +2.70
Manchester United +3.50

In this example, one could bet on the favorite (Chelsea) or the underdog (Manchester United). However, sportsbooks must account for the third scenario in which the match would end as a draw. Each of these bets is listed as a “full time result,” meaning they would take into account extra time before it became official. 

When Should You Place a Three-Way Bet

Three-way bets always offer better odds than a traditional two-way bet. Therefore, if one had a strong conviction that one side would win or that it would be so competitive that the game would end in a tie, a three-way bet is the way to go.

For those who find it risky to place a three-way wager, there are ways to mitigate the odds. In soccer, one could place a “draw no bet” wager. This is a two-way wager similar to a traditional money line.

The caveat is if a match did end in a draw, the bet would be refunded. Therefore, one would only lose if the team they picked lost outright. 

Before placing a bet of any sort, one should always do their research. Does the home team play well on their own turf? How good of a road record does the away team have? Are there any key injuries to either side? What kind of form is each side in? The more knowledgeable you are, the more successful you will be in the long run.

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