Common analysis methods for over under betting

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Bookmakers usually open a handicap ranging from 2 to 4 based on the characteristics of the league and the team's play tactics. Premier League, Bundesliga, Netherlands Second Division, and Belgium Serie A have the highest percentage of goals scored between 2 and 4 goals. In La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Brazil, Argentinian, Chile, Russian Super League and other matches, the proportion of goals scored is between 1 and 3 goals. Basically, the characteristics of the game can be roughly judged here. The former is relatively more in the number of goals, while the latter is relatively less. This provides the bookmakers with the main basis for opening the game.

In addition, here is a special point. In the three events of Argentina, Brazil, and France, the proportion of goals scored at 0 is higher than 10%, while the proportion of the US League in this category is only 4.17%, the probability is extremely low; There is also the Netherlands League with a higher probability of scoring 7+, reaching a probability of 5%, while the Russian Super League is only 0.42% in this proportion. Judging from this point, it can be said that it is almost impossible to happen.

But this is not absolute. For example, Serie A, from a proportional point of view, falls into the category of 1 to 3 goals scored, but teams such as Atlanta often score over goals;

Another example is the Palmeis, Flamengo and other strong teams in La Liga, they often have over goals when they are at home against weak teams that are not good at defensively. The characteristics of the event can only summarize the trend of the entire event, and the specific number of matches depends on the attributes of the specific team.

Head coach tactics

Generally speaking, in addition to the team lineup factor, the head coach’s personality also determines the team’s tactical play.

Nature of the game

There are also many commercial friendly matches in football matches, as well as pre-season warm-up matches. Such matches need to be determined according to the fighting spirit and lineup. The official matches are also divided into cups and leagues, and in the cups, they are divided into group matches and knockout matches. In addition, there are also cup matches at the national team level. Results of less than 3 goals are very common. This is also determined by the nature of the game. But if it is placed in the group stage of the Champions League, the strong and the weak team face each other, in many cases over goals becomes a more common result.

Core player dynamics

The main information to know before a game is not necessarily the odds and data, because these fluctuations are often based on the appearance and injury of the core players, so it is necessary to understand the appearance and injury of the core players of the team.

The injury of a team’s core player before or during the game will undoubtedly affect the number of goals scored in the game. The absence of the core midfielders of some strong teams will also greatly affect the team's offensive efficiency. So you must have these first-hand information when you betting.

Strength of both sides

In a football game, the moment when a strong team beats a weak team can never be avoided, and there are many such games, so everyone can see the difference in strength between the two sides through the handicap before the game. But for weak teams, do they have the strength and determination to achieve a zero-to-zero result. A team is of course weaker, but if they have the courage to attack, the possibility of a sneak attack in 90 minutes is greater, then under the normal circumstances of a strong team, choosing a over goal is the right idea.

Of course, the above are just common methods. I have always been adhering to the idea that any method must be built on the basis of actual combat. Through actual combat, sum up experience and find a set of methods that suit yourself can increase winning rate.

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